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Is my data on Sablono hosted in a secure way?
Is my data on Sablono hosted in a secure way?

Learn everything about data security, hosting and compliance of the Sablono platform

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Please refer to this link to learn more about our systems security and compliance: Security and Compliance (

Where is data hosted?

Business / customer data related to the Sablono Platform is hosted in data centres of our cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services, Luxembourg (AWS) in the region of Frankfurt.

Where is it backed up?

We rely on a multi-account structure for our AWS organisation, where productive, non-productive and backup data and infrastructure reside separately in their own accounts. Backup data is currently stored in the Paris AWS region.

How often is it backed up?

Currently, our backup strategy supports a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 hour. For the different system components, backups are made daily to continuously (approximately every 15 minutes).

Who owns the data?

Our customers are the data controllers in a GDPR sense, Sablono is data processor. Therefore, you own the data at all times.

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