Version 3.5


  • Depending on your QA Checklist Template Settings, Execution Teams will now be able to answer "not checked" on non-mandatory items

  • Depending on your Project Settings, you will now be able to tick off all activities of a deliverable at once which do not have a QA checklist attached

  • Both settings can be changed by Project Admins on

Version 3.4


  • Links included in our email notifications and on the web platform can now be used to open this application instantly showing the relevant information

Version 3.2


  • There is a new page to understand the status of pending Uploads to the Sablono server

  • Potential errors during upload will now be displayed more prominently whenever they occur

  • Reach out to our support whenever you run into issues and we will gladly help you

Version 3.1


  • Inspection Team(s) are now able to upload their QA checklist answers

  • Depending on the setup of your Activities defined in the Process Template Inspection Team(s) will from now on check activities before the Confirming Team sees them

  • Inspection Team(s) can approve or reject activities

  • Only once all Inspection Team(s) approved will the Confirming Team be able to confirm or reject the activity

  • Activities that do not need Inspection Team(s) will still work just like you are used to

Version 3.0


  • This updates includes a new Offline Mode for our app!

  • Feel free to download parts of your project to be able to report progress, Notes or QAs even while being offline

  • Your updates will automatically be uploaded to the Sablono server once you are back online

  • New app icon and splash screen

Version 2.2


  • You will now be able to un-confirm activities that do not have a QA checklist attached just like you are used to on the web-platform.

  • Improved UX for Project Reviewers.

  • Other minor improvements & bug-fixes.

Version 2.1


  • You can now change your Project Structure filter more quickly than ever!

  • After selecting another level you will always come back to the view that you started on

  • It's much easier to understand now which Project Structure part is currently filtered for

  • When looking at Note pictures you can now pinch-zoom again to understand the full details

Version 2.0


  • Brand-new and faster backend service for the whole application! Please let us know if you find any issues with the current release and we will address them asap.

  • Teams are now sorted by name while creating Notes

  • The error handling of the application has been improved

Version 1.14


  • You will now be able to filter for activities which are "waiting for confirmation".

  • You will now be able to filter for activities which are "started".

  • There is a new location overview when looking at QA checklists to easily understand if you are reporting on the correct deliverable.

  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

Version 1.13


  • You can now search for any Deliverable using the new list!

  • By taping into them you will see all connected Activities.

  • Easily filter your Deliverables by Project Structure to see specific areas.

  • Sablono Today is now also available in Russian - желанный!

  • Some minor bug-fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Version 1.12


  • You will now be able to reject Activities and QA checklists if the delivered quality does not match expectations.

  • Filter to quickly find all Activities which were rejected that your team is responsible for.

  • Re-submit Activities and QA checklists once all reported issues have been resolved.

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