Version 3.13


  • Links which have been added to Notes can now be clicked to be opened in your browser

Version 3.9


  • When reporting a new Quality or Obstruction issue you can now assign a Reviewing Team to it

  • Members of Reviewing Teams will be able to confirm / reject issues after the Responsible Team finished working on them

  • You can now filter for activities that have issues attached that are currently waiting for your confirmation

Version 3.7


  • We improved the way how to navigate through the Project Structure, so you can find the area you need to work on next easier and faster.

  • Sometimes even the best plans can’t take everything into account. Now you can answer “Not applicable” in the QA Checklists if the item you supposed to check isn’t there.

Version 3.5


  • Depending on your QA Checklist Template Settings, Execution Teams will now be able to answer "not checked" on non-mandatory items

  • Depending on your Project Settings, you will now be able to tick off all activities of a deliverable at once which do not have a QA checklist attached

  • Both settings can be changed by Project Admins on

Version 3.4


  • Links included in our email notifications and on the web platform can now be used to open this application instantly showing the relevant information

Version 3.2


  • There is a new page to understand the status of pending Uploads to the Sablono server

  • Potential errors during upload will now be displayed more prominently whenever they occur

  • Reach out to our support whenever you run into issues and we will gladly help you

Version 3.1


  • Inspection Team(s) are now able to upload their QA checklist answers

  • Depending on the setup of your Activities defined in the Process Template Inspection Team(s) will from now on check activities before the Confirming Team sees them

  • Inspection Team(s) can approve or reject activities

  • Only once all Inspection Team(s) approved will the Confirming Team be able to confirm or reject the activity

  • Activities that do not need Inspection Team(s) will still work just like you are used to

Version 3.0


  • This updates includes a new Offline Mode for our app!

  • Feel free to download parts of your project to be able to report progress, Notes or QAs even while being offline

  • Your updates will automatically be uploaded to the Sablono server once you are back online

  • New app icon and splash screen

Version 2.2


  • You will now be able to un-confirm activities that do not have a QA checklist attached just like you are used to on the web-platform.

  • Improved UX for Project Reviewers.

  • Other minor improvements & bug-fixes.

Version 2.1


  • You can now change your Project Structure filter more quickly than ever!

  • After selecting another level you will always come back to the view that you started on

  • It's much easier to understand now which Project Structure part is currently filtered for

  • When looking at Note pictures you can now pinch-zoom again to understand the full details

Version 2.0


  • Brand-new and faster backend service for the whole application! Please let us know if you find any issues with the current release and we will address them asap.

  • Teams are now sorted by name while creating Notes

  • The error handling of the application has been improved

Version 1.14


  • You will now be able to filter for activities which are "waiting for confirmation".

  • You will now be able to filter for activities which are "started".

  • There is a new location overview when looking at QA checklists to easily understand if you are reporting on the correct deliverable.

  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

Version 1.13


  • You can now search for any Deliverable using the new list!

  • By taping into them you will see all connected Activities.

  • Easily filter your Deliverables by Project Structure to see specific areas.

  • Sablono Today is now also available in Russian - желанный!

  • Some minor bug-fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Version 1.12


  • You will now be able to reject Activities and QA checklists if the delivered quality does not match expectations.

  • Filter to quickly find all Activities which were rejected that your team is responsible for.

  • Re-submit Activities and QA checklists once all reported issues have been resolved.

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