Version 4.47


  • You will now find the colours of your teams in the table header on the Activity Tracker page to understand responsibilities more easily.

Version 4.46


  • Whenever you import a second file into your Sablono project (e.g., for a new package of work), duplicated Project Structure will now automatically be merged with the existing structure

  • Also, the coding of your Project Structure will automatically be updated

  • If users leave your projects, you will now still see their clear name on activities that they updated in the past

Version 4.45


  • You can now add links to your Notes on Sablono and the web-platform will offer you to click and open them in a new tab in all relevant places

  • Links can also be opened in the mobile app

Version 4.43


  • The Activity Tracker will now show the open obstructions and quality issues per activity and aggregated for Project Structure

  • You can now export the Activity Tracker to Excel

Version 4.41


  • The Activity Tracker will now load showing summary lines per Project Structure level, which you can expand if you want to drill into more detail

  • You can now decide which Activities should be shown on your Activity Tracker, removing all columns which are e.g. not relevant to your team or package

Version 4.40


  • You can now see which activities are available based on their predecessors while reviewing your Activity Trackers

  • You can now open the Deliverables Details Overlay from the Activity Tracker to e.g. review Notes and QA Checklists

  • The Deliverable Code is now also presented on the Activity Tracker

  • When updating your Deliverables through file import you will now be able to understand which of your previously imported source files still have live deliverables in your project

Version 4.39


  • New Activity Tracker page to replace your current Excel trackers and automate them based on real-time Sablono progress data

  • With it, understanding the status of your project on Sablono has never been easier

  • When you copy a Process Template you now have the option to also copy QA Checklists and Teams with it

  • The Review section on the menu has been re-ordered so that most used pages are more highlighted

Version 4.38


  • Responsible and Reviewing Teams will now get email notifications once issues are created that involve their teams - This option can be activated on the Project Settings page

  • Project admins can now also edit Reviewing Teams on existing issues

  • Issue states as well as their actual dates are now also part of the Reporting API

Version 4.37


  • You can now add Reviewing Teams to your Obstruction and Quality Issues

  • If a Reviewing Team is added to an issue, it will be able to confirm / reject the issue after the Responsible Team reported they fixed the problem

  • If you do not add a Reviewing Team, issues will still be finalized after the Responsible Team reported they fixed the problem

  • Project admins will find new project settings per issue type to define if Reviewing Teams are mandatory and add default teams

  • You will find Reviewing Teams incl. a filter for it on the Notes list

  • Reviewing Teams and the new Issue States are now also part of all other views and KPIs as well

Version 4.36


  • Your user-defined Baseline Activity dates will now be included in Look Ahead scheduling as long as their direct predecessor end is earlier than the defined date

  • Afterwards, predecessors will push successor into the future respecting the defined Sablono process

Version 4.35


  • Your user-defined Activity dates will now be prioritised above dates calculated based on your defined Sablono process (in case they conflict)

  • This will lead to a much easier time when trying to align your Sablono baseline schedule with programmes from other scheduling tools

  • You will also be able to import user-defined Activity dates from MS Excel

  • You can now change the assigned teams on started, waiting for confirmation and rejected activities

Version 4.34


  • Project Managers are now able to manage teams on the Teams page.
    However Project Managers are not able to change team members that are Project Admins or add new Project Admins to the team

  • Project Admins are now able to edit Notes

Version 4.33


  • Filters and Settings of the Lean Planning page will now be stored so that it looks the same whenever you come back to it

  • UX improvements for Activity Details Panel in both Deliverable and Project Structure mode in Lean Planning page

  • Re-scheduling of started Activities on Lean Planning page will now always lead to the correct results

  • When a user clicks on an expired sign-up link he will now land on a new page which let's him request a new valid code

Version 4.32


  • You can now forecast a whole Project Structure level with one single click!

Version 4.31


  • You can now move activities by Project Structure levels instead of individual Deliverables.

  • You can now jump between reviewing Project Structure levels and the Deliverables inside those levels more seamlessly.

Version 4.30


  • The Lean Planning page can now be filtered for all Project Structure levels.

  • The Performance Dashboard can now be filtered for all Project Structure levels.

Version 4.29


  • You can now use the Project Structure view on the Lean Planning page during your Look Ahead Planning Sessions.

  • Your aggregated Project Structure activities will be shown as forecasted when an included Deliverable was forecasted.

Version 4.28


  • While looking at the Lean Planning page in Project Structure mode you can now click on Activities to see their details.

  • You can now import progress from Excel - Please contact our Customer Success team to assist you with such an import if needed.

Version 4.27


  • You can now use the Deliverables page to assign a custom Execution Team to a selection of activities that differs from the predefined responsibility in the Process Template.

  • You can now use the Deliverables page to assign a custom Confirming Team to a selection of activities that differs from the predefined responsibility in the Process Template.

Version 4.26


  • Accepting all forecasted values as your new Look Ahead schedule is now only a click of a single button away.

Version 4.25


  • You can now select a custom time-frame to be displayed on the Lean Planning page using the new date picker.

  • You may now choose the see Actual Dates presented or focus only on planned values instead on the Lean Planning page.

Version 4.24


  • The colour scheme on the Lean Planning page has been redesigned to enable higher contrast and easier readability of your work and trade sequences.

Version 4.23


  • "Forecast all" on the Lean Planning page will now only include Deliverables which meet the current active filters.

Version 4.22


  • The Week Plan has a new name: Lean Planning!

  • You can now review your Look Ahead plan by Project Structure levels instead of Deliverables.

  • You can now look at much broader time-frames on the Lean Planning page choosing to see Activities by weeks instead of days.

  • The performance of the page has been improved drastically.

Version 4.21


  • You can now (de-)activate new settings on the Project Settings page

  • This includes being able to (de-)activate signature by password for QA checklists

  • Email notifications can now also be turned on and off

  • You can also limit the visibility of Notes

Version 4.20


  • If you assigned additional Inspection Teams to your Activities you will now be able to find all answers of the Execution, Inspection and Confirming Teams on an exported QA checklist PDF

  • The general layout of the QA PDF has been improved

Version 4.19


  • A new setting on QA checklist templates allows you to define if the Execution Team needs to answer all items or only mandatory ones

  • You can now use the mobile app settings to allow your mobile users to tick off all activities of a deliverable at once if there are no QA checklists attached

Version 4.18


  • You will now be able to open the Mobile App for a specific Deliverable directly from the web-app Details Overlay opened on e.g. a Visual Tracker

  • Clicking on links in email notifications will now open the Mobile App as well is installed on the device

Version 4.17.2


  • All email notifications will now include links to see the mentioned Deliverable directly on the platform

Version 4.17.1


  • You can now export photos uploaded to Sablono as .PNG files after openinig them in full screen on the web platform

  • Lots of minor improvements and bug-fixes

Version 4.17


Version 4.16


  • You can now filter your Performance Dashboard by Deliverable Types

  • You will now also find your Deliverable Types on the Project Overview

  • Once you click on a type you will be forwarded to the Performance Dashboard filtered for it

  • You can now export your QA checklists to PDF using a new filter: All QA checklists signed by any team on a selected day

Version 4.15.1


  • Filters on the Performance Dashboard and the Week Plan page have been redesigned to be easier to use

  • Lots of minor improvements for the Project Overview and Performance Dashboard pages

Version 4.15


  • You will now be able to assign a Type to your Deliverables on the Deliverables page

  • Deliverables Types will be shown in the Details Overlay

  • With the next version you will be able to review the status of your Deliverable Types also on the Project Overview page

  • The configuration-buttons on the Deliverables page have been reorganized

Version 4.14


  • There is a new page: Project Overview!

  • Here you will find a summary view of your project by Process Templates as well as the Update Timeline

  • A click on a Process Template chart will bring you to the Performance Dashboard

  • The Performance Dashboard can now be filtered for Process Templates

  • Filters that you use on the Performance Dashboard will now be saved so that it always looks the same whenever you come back

  • The Bar Chart has been improved – It will now show an overview about all Process Template before filtering

  • It will interact with all filters: Structure, Team and Process Template

  • Once you select a specific Process Template, the Bar Chart will show the Activities or Groups of Activities defined in it

  • The S-Curve and the Bar Chart will now include a new line: Finalised – Confirmed + No need to confirm Activities

  • Comparing Finalised to Finished will help you understand how many activities still need to be confirmed

  • The S-Curve now also includes a line for unscheduled activities to make sure that the Planned curve reaches the full amount of Activities at the end of the project

  • Numerous bug-fixes and minor improvements

Version 4.13.1


  • You will now be able to review the state of the full project in the Planned vs. Actual S-Curve on the Performance Dashboard

  • You can filter it to e.g. see the performance of a specific Team using the side filters

  • If you choose to do so you can still select individual Activities to be shown in the chart

  • Don’t worry – Your selection of individual Activities will be saved so if you are only interested in a specific package feel free to set it up once and review it without a hassle whenever you come back

  • The axis of the S-Curve now finally shows “Week Commencing” for international users

  • Read all about in in the updated tutorial

Version 4.13


  • Similar Activities from different Process Templates included in the same Cost Group can now be combined on the Commercial Dashboard to only appear in one line - Read more about it in our tutorial

  • The setup will be saved so combining Activities only needs to be done once, when setting up the Cost Group

  • You will find the grouping information also added to the data model of the Reporting API

  • Numerous minor improvements and bug-fixes

Version 4.12


  • You will now be able to archive and delete projects.

  • Archiving will lead to no users has access to it any longer but the project data is saved on the Sablono server.

  • Deleting will delete all data from the Sablono server.

Version 4.11


  • You will now be able to create Cost Groups including Activities from different Process Templates.

  • This will help if e.g. the same contractor is working on different packages or you have multiple apartment types (represented in different Process Templates) which include the same contractors.

Version 4.10


  • The UI to review QA checklists on has been completely redesigned.

  • The initial list now shows a summary of all answers of all teams assigned to the QA checklists instead of a comparison between Responsible and Confirming Team.

  • Once you open a QA checklists the table has also been redesigned and looks much cleaner than before.

  • The new UI is now also able to display the results of more than two teams, e.g. if you decided to assign Inspection Teams to your activities.

Version 4.9.1


  • Real-time and daily email notifications will now also include Inspection Team(s).

  • Inspection Team(s) will be notified after the Responsible Team reported Activities as “finished”.

  • The Confirming Team will be notified once all Inspection Team(s) approved the Activity.

  • The Responsible Team as well as Inspection Team(s) will be notified if the Activity gets rejected.

  • The Process Template Editor will now show a more prominent notification if a locally saved version of the template is opened.

Version 4.9


  • Setup your activities in the Process Template in a way that more than two teams are allowed to report on the attached QA checklist.

  • This functionality can e.g. be used to include the client on Sablono: Trade would report progress on the activity and upload their QA checklist. Afterwards the main contractors quality team would check the quality and upload their set of answers. Once they approved the client team can check the activity, upload their set of answers and confirm / reject it.

  • Team filters on the web now also include Inspection Team(s).

  • Lot’s of minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Version 4.8


  • We want our clients to always work ahead of their schedule. Hence, we decided to change the priority with which baseline dates are presented in case your process has buffers.

  • From now on you will always see Earliest Dates more prominent if both Earliest and Latest dates exist.

  • Also the calculation if an activity is behind schedule will from now on be based on Earliest dates if available.

Version 4.6


  • You will now be able to host PDFs on The functionality was designed to be able to upload QA attachments such as test results to the same system that already holds your QA checklists and answers.

  • Searching on the Week Plan for a specific deliverable is now finally possible.

  • Lot’s of other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Version 4.2


  • New beautiful and performant previews on the 2D selection page.

  • PDF reports in French.

  • Lots of improvements and bug-fixes in the background.

Version 4.0


  • Our backend infrastructure was completely overhauled and updated opening tons of options for the future such as Single Sign On support, asynchronous request handling, improved performance, etc.

  • Since this was a massive change, please let us know as soon as possible if you spot something that behaves differently than you are used to.

  • The Note PDF report has been updated and will look much better now than before.

  • The Dashboard PDF was updated as well to fit the current PDF style used in all other reports.

  • The QR codes exported from the system have also been updated and include now not only the Sablono but also your companies logo if you uploaded it as the Full-Access-Team logo on the Teams page.

  • The profile page has been updated according to the newest design standards.

  • Massive performance improvements of the list of 2D visualisations especially when a lot of custom visuals are uploaded into your project.

  • When re-importing / updating your Deliverables through an Excel sheet you will now have the same options which are available while updating through files exported from MSP, P6 or Asta.

  • Lots of other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

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