On Sablono QA checklists can be answered and uploaded by an unlimited number of Teams. This tutorial focuses on the set-up and functionality when more than two Teams are supposed to be involved. If you want to focus on two Teams only feel free to read this article.

How to set it up

If you want more than two Teams to be able to check the quality of an Activity and answer the attached QA checklist you will need to define that on the Sablono Process Template. Here you would not only assign a Responsible and Confirming Team but can also add an unlimited number of Inspection Teams if you like. Please note that you will only be able to add Inspection Teams after attaching a QA checklist to the Activity since the functionality is only available on QA checklist activities. Once you assigned all the Teams you want to collaboratively work on the Activity please remember to save and assign the new / updated Process Template.

How it will work

Once your Process Template including Inspection Teams has been saved and assigned, the mobile Sablono app will allow for the Inspection Team(s) to also see the relevant Activities and be able to report their QA findings on the attached checklist. While filling their copy of the QA checklist, the Inspection Team(s) will see all answers and Notes previously uploaded by the Responsible Team. They can either approve or reject the activity. Once they approve, the Confirming Team will be able to upload their answers while seeing the previous answers of the Inspection Team(s) as well as any outstanding Notes which have not yet been closed. They can either reject or finally confirm, which will kick-off the following Activity.

Which emails are being sent

Depending on which emails have been activated for your Project (read about the available notifications here) the following emails will be sent between the involved Teams:

  • Ready for inspection: once the Responsible Team finishes the Activity, all Inspection Team(s) are notified
  • Ready for confirmation: once all Inspection Team(s) approve, the Confirming Team are notified
  • Rejected by Inspection Team: once any Inspection Team rejects, the Responsible Team, as well as all other Inspection Team(s), are notified
  • Rejected by Confirming Team: once the Confirming Team rejects, the Responsible Team, as well as all Inspection Team(s), are notified
  • Confirmed: once the Confirming Team confirms, the Responsible Team of the following Activity will be notified
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