To assign Notes to several Activities in one step, go to the Deliverables page. Remove any filters that may have been set.

  1. Tick the boxes on the left-hand side of each line for all Deliverables for which you want to add the same Note. Then the button "Update Deliverables" becomes active.
  2. Press the "Update Deliverables" button in the horizontal bar.
  3. In the following dialogue, select "Attach Note to Activities".
  4. In the following dialogue tick the Activities for which you want to create the Notes at the same time and press Save. You can use the search field in the upper part of the dialogue.
  5. Now the familiar dialogue for creating Notes opens, in which you can add the Note type, the Responsible Team, the Note text, and if necessary, pictures from the gallery step by step.
  6. After saving, the Note just created is assigned to each of the selected Activities.
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