You should not rely or act upon this information without seeking professional counsel. Please always follow the regulations and restrictions your governments have issued. The bellow should only be considered guidelines on how to use the Sablono platform and software in certain scenarios.

Especially in a time of crisis such as the current pandemic we believe it is important to collaborate instead of working against each other. Everybody is facing the same challenge and we all want to make it through this. We all want to be able to deliver the projects that we are currently working on with a minimum of inevitable delay. To achieve this, we think transparency about the challenges we face is vital. 

Hence, we would like to share how the platform can easily be utilised to manage the following scenarios.

Site on shutdown 

When your site is shut down and all activities are on hold you should consider defining Covid19-Non-Working-days as part of your Sablono project calendar. Once you do so, your Baseline as well as your current Look Ahead schedule will include those Non-Working days and adapt your plans accordingly. Durations for running activities will be extended by the time the site is closed and following tasks moved according to the change. Please keep in mind that this solution only makes sense if all site activities are on hold, since it is a project wide change. 

Lost productivity 

Depending on your government’s restrictions it might very well happen that you lose productivity, e.g. due to people not coming in to work or new health rules such as social distancing which reduce efficiency on specific tasks. Keep in mind that this will not only happen to your own teams but most likely in an even bigger scope to all your subcontractor's teams. Whenever something like this happens, we think it is important to add a Note, e.g. an Obstruction, Issue or an Information, to the affected activity. This will ensure that you have a fully documented, transparent audit trail to run root-cause-analytics on whenever needed to prove which delays were caused by Covid19. 

Material delayed

Due to most of the borders currently being closed material and deliveries can get heavily delayed. Once again, we would strongly recommend documenting such delays as an Obstruction Issue on the effected activities

Update the Look Ahead schedule

Additionally, we think it is very important to update your Look Ahead programme at least weekly to keep all contractors and dependencies aligned whenever a delay arises. This will help manage also mid- and long-term impacts in a streamlined way and keep all contractors aligned to e.g. avoid workers coming to site unnecessarily – Ultimately, also keeping them save and healthy.

If you keep documenting actual start and end dates, document reasons for delays and adapt your Look Ahead schedule in short feedback loops, we think you are fully prepared to steer your project through this crisis and will end up with all the data you might need in the future to prove which delays were out of your hands! 

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