There are mainly 3 documents needed to set up the Sablono platform: Deliverables, Process Templates, and QA Checklist.

These can be imported independently of each other as long as the information is consistent across them all.

Schedule of Deliverables

This is an example of how to arrange the Deliverables of your project in Excel, to upload them to Sablono. Create a list of all deliverables and their location within the project, by assigning to each deliverable a Code, a Name, and a Level  (in this example Block D - Level 02). You can then assign a Start Date, Due Date, and a Responsible Person for each Deliverable.

Process Templates

Templates represent the typical string of activities needed to finish a deliverable.The information needed for the templates are:

  • Number (#) of the Template
  • List of Activities to be tracked
  • Durations
  • Dependencies between Activities (optional) 
  • Execution Team (who executes the Activity?)
  • Confirming Team (Optional - who signs off the Activity?)

If the following files are updated and aligned, they should contain most of the information.

QA Checklist

List of quality control inspections for each of the required activities. 

The QA Checklists in Sablono are the digital equivalent of the traditional quality control forms filled out on the job site. These checklists would contain the list of items to be reviewed during your Quality Assurance process and will follow your established approval workflow, including email updates sent out to the relevant parties.

Find out more about checklists, click here.

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