Depending on your role on the project, different features in Sablono may be relevant for you. Here you find a quick start-overview per role with links to the main tutorials that you may be interested to look at.

Project admin

Create a project
Create your project entirely in Sablono. Set up of project Name, Code, and Description. Also, specify which language will be spoken among your partners and in which time zone the project is taking place. Assign Deliverables (rooms or components, whose progress you want to track) to a Project Structure.

Import an existing project
Different options to import your existing project to Sablono.
The following tools are currently supported:

  • Microsoft Project
  • ASTA Power Project
  • Oracle Primavera
  • Microsoft Excel

Project settings
The available settings for your project and how they work. 

  • Change information about the project such as the Name, Code, Description or project language, start, and completion date
  • Delete your project
  • Set project language. It is used to adjust content suggestions you will get while creating Process Templates
  • Set up the Project Calendar
  • Set up manual or auto-scheduling for your project

Create Template 

  • Create a Process Template using Sablono. 
  • Add Groups or Activities to your Template
  • Define dependencies ("Depends on" or "Followed by") between Activities

Assign Template
Assign existing Process Templates to Deliverables.

Hide activities from specific Deliverables
Hide/customize the Activities of a group of Deliverables at once

Add a delay/gap into your Activity sequence
Add a delay/gap into the sequence of Activities that need to be done to finish a Deliverable. The platform offers multiple options.

  • Delay/Gap for a bulk of Deliverables
  • Delay/Gap on the Week Plan for a single Deliverable
  • Deleting Delays/Gaps from your project

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