We know that creating a new Look Ahead schedule can be a very time-consuming task especially if you have a lot of changes to cover. Therefore, we try to offer all the tools that you need for the job on our Week Plan page. This tutorial will show in detail how to move multiple activities to new dates in the most efficient way. If you follow the simple steps below your Look Ahead schedule will be up to date in no-time leading to all of your sub-contractors having the most accurate data available on their mobile phones automatically.

Note: This tutorial will focus on changing dates for a selection of activities. If you want to change a single activity please do so by clicking on it and changing its dates in the detailed overview that will pop up.

  1. Start a new planning session on the Week Plan.
  2. Use the "Move multiple activities" option in the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Now please select all the activities which you want to move to a new Look Ahead start or end date or for which you want to set a new Look Ahead duration.
    Note: Use ALT + Click to select all activities of the same kind which are planned on a Project Structure level.
  4. Once you selected all activities that you want to move please click "Change dates of selection" in the top left.
  5. Now specify the new Look Ahead start or end date and/or new Look Ahead duration of all the previously selected activities.
  6. Decide if you want to move following activities according to the dependencies defined in the Process Template.
  7. Hit "Save" once you are done.
    Note: Depending on how many activities you selected calculating the new schedule for all those deliverables may take some time.

That's it! You just moved a lot of activities to new dates with only a couple of steps. Make sure to use the ALT + Click option if your project is planned on Project Structure level and e.g. all apartments on a building level start and finish the same activity in parallel.

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