Sablono is all about standardization. Once you defined your Process Template all deliverables are done using the exact same work sequence including - among others - activity durations. But in reality, it sometimes makes sense to allow for variations, e.g. if you are building apartments it might be that the work sequence needed for all of them is exactly the same while durations differ based on the size of the apartment. Don't worry! Sablono does also support variations in durations. Please use the Deliverables page and steps below to set them up.

  1. Select all deliverables from the list of the Deliverables page that you want to customize.
  2. Click on the "Configure Activities"-button.
    Note: The button will only be activated if you selected Deliverables using the same Process Template.
  3. Click the "Change duration of Activities" button.
    Note: If you ever want to remove previously set custom durations please use the "Remove user-defined duration of Activities" option.
  4. Select the Activity (or Activities) for which you would like to change the planned duration.
  5. Define the duration that you want to set for all selected Activities of all previously selected Deliverables.
  6. Press the "Change Duration" button.

Once you applied your changes Sablono will recalculate the schedule of all deliverables that have just been changed. Please note that a change in duration on any activity will lead to later start and end dates for all successors defined in your Process Template.

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