Sablonos project management platform comes with two separate schedules. The Baseline schedule is your initial plan that you would usually upload to Sablono at the beginning of your project. The Look Ahead schedule contains all date changes that needed to be implemented while the project was running using the Week Plan page. Let's have a more detailed look at how to define both schedules and understand how they will interact during the run-time of your project.

Baseline schedule

As already stated, this is your initial plan when you start your project. You can either create it directly on Sablono by adding user-defined dates to your Deliverables or import it from any other tool you might be using to create it (e.g. MS Excel or Primavera P6).
As long as you did not change any dates using the Week Plan you will see the Baseline schedule on all Sablono pages that show dates, e.g. the Week Plan, all KPIs and charts, or the mobile Sablono application.
Please note, even after the first changes have been implemented on the Week Plan all Sablono KPIs and charts, e.g. the Project Dashboard or the calculation that defines if individual activities are late, still run based on the Baseline schedule. That way you will always know if your project is still on track compared to the initial plan.

Look Ahead schedule

A Look Ahead schedule can be forecasted and defined using the Week Plan page. Whenever you want to define a new plan to get back on track after facing a delay or to swap around tasks to better suit a specific situation on-site you should do so using the agile and lean Week Plan.
Once you changed the dates of any number of activities, those changes will be saved in a separate schedule while not changing the Baseline. This will serve two purposes: First, you will be able to compare Look Ahead and Baseline schedules at the end of your project. Second, even while the project is still running Sablono will evaluate if your project is still on track based on the Baseline helping you to finish your project on initially planned time and budget.
Nevertheless, the Look Ahead schedule will drive your project! All changes implemented on the Week Plan page will directly be pushed into the Sablono application of all project partners making sure that everyone always has an up-to-date version of his team's work-schedule right there in their pockets.

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