How the data is provided:

The data is provided via 5 URLs: 

To access the data you need an authorization token that is provided by Sablono.
The data will be provided in JS and CSV format. Every day a new file will be generated for your projects, so you will be able to update your dashboards once a day. 

For more details, please have a look at our technical documentation:  

How to import the data:

In Home tab in Microsoft Power BI, click on the arrow next to Get Data, and then select Web.

In the From Web dialog box, select the advanced options. There you can enter the URL for the data you want to import.
So if you want to import the data for the Deliverables and the project ID of your project is abcdefgh-1234-5678-i90j-klmnopqrstuv, you would enter as the URL.

To enter the authorization token select ‘Authorization’ in the dropbox under 'HTTP request header parameters' and enter the token. Next click on ‘OK’.

In the next step, you see a preview of the data.
Please select 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) as the format.

Now you have imported the first data to Power BI!

How to model the data in Microsoft Power BI 

After you imported the data for Deliverables, Activities, QA Checklists, Notes and Commercial Values into Power BI you have to connect the data to be able to create and filter dashboards as you like.

To do that, please go to the Relationship view.

There you can create connections between all the data you have imported. Just drag and drop the fields that you want to link.

From ‘id’ in deliverables to ‘deliverable_id’ in activities.

From ‘id’ in activities to ‘activity_id’ in checklists.

From ‘id’ in deliverables to ‘deliverable_id’ in notes.
From ‘id’ in activities to ‘activity_id’ in notes.
From ‘review_item_id’ and ‘submit_item_id’ in checklists to ‘checklist_item_id’ in notes.

From ‘activity_class_id’ in activities to ‘entry_activity_class_id’ in cost-packages.

Note: the API calculation times are set at 4:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 10:00 PM CET (UTC+01:00, Berlin)

That’s it. Now you’re all set to create dashboards for your projects in Microsoft Power BI!

If you are interested in using the API to import your project data into other tools, feel free to contact us.


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