This feature allows you to save time by exporting the Look Ahead Schedule for the upcoming weeks, to be able to communicate the current plan to all subcontractors easily.
You can do so after you saved and published your new Look Ahead Schedule (use the green icon on the right bottom of the screen). Once the new schedule has been saved, you can export the plan for the whole project or filter per project structure, responsible manager and team. Once you have finished the selection, simply click on the Printer icon (gray icon on right bottom of the screen) to export the new schedule as PDF. 

The PDF report will show a similar layout to the one used for the Week Plan in the web app, to make the report clear and easy to read. On the left side you'll find the project structure, in the table you'll find the activities. Similar activities will be grouped into one bar in the chart.

The report also shows on the cover page:

  • The date in which it was printed 
  • The timeframe covered by the report
  • The filters used 
  • A legend that explains the name and the color of the teams shown

As you can see, the Week Plan offers everything needed to create and export a Look Ahead Schedule for each trade involved into your project on a weekly basis. Just try and use the week plan during your next meeting and see how easy it can be integrated into your personal workflow!

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