2D visualization of the projects progress


This tutorial illustrates the 2D visualization capabilities of the Sablono platform.

With Sablono you can automatically visualize the state of your project in 2D drawings which you uploaded before to the platform. At the moment, we offer four different ways to configure the reporting of your drawings:

  • Show Baseline comparison: Elements on schedule are green, those behind schedule red.
  • Show Teams: Colors elements according to the team which is currently working on completing them.
  • Browse Status: Highlights elements that have reached specific milestones within your template.
  • Show Status: Colors elements in the visualization according to their last reached status.

Before uploading your drawings have to be converted into SVG files. Feel free to contact our costumer support for more information.


Have access to automatically updated visual reports of your project at all times by creating a 2D Visualization!

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