How to report progress of a deliverable? 

You can easily change the current state of a deliverable by clicking/tapping the relevant icon. Sablono differs between three different states: pending (red circle), in progress (black arrows) and finished (green check mark). You can choose from this states by clicking/tapping through them. They will be displayed in the named order. If you change the state of a deliverable, this new state will be passed to every group or activity belonging to the deliverable. For example: The room 'Men's WC' contains the groups 'Sink' and 'Toilet'. If you change the state of the room 'Men's WC' to finished, you automatically change the states of 'Sink' and 'Toilet' to finished as well.

If you want to document, that the state of a deliverable has not change since you last checked it, click/tap the grey crossed eye on the right side of the state icon. After clicking/tapping the color of the eye will change to blue, which means that the deliverable was checked during this inspection without any state changes.

How to create a note? 

To create a note you need to click/tap on the attachment symbol (right hand side) of the relevant deliverable. Afterwards you need to click/tap 'Create New Note' on the bottom of the screen.

Now select a type for the note you want to create (you can choose from 'Claim', 'Obstruction' or 'Info'). Following you can either choose a previously imported note template from the list or create a new description for the current note. You can also add multiple photos. As a final step don't forget to save your note.

Which filters are available? 

The Inspect App provides three types of filters:

  1. Project Structure: This will filter the list of deliverables corresponding to your defined project structure.
  2. Search field: You can also search for deliverables by name and code.
  3. Sorting: Every column is sortable by alphabet or numeric size. You may also sort activities by dependencies.

How to scan a QR-Code? 

If you want to scan a previously printed QR-Code to simplify the navigation through the Inspect App, please tap on the QR-Code symbol in the top right corner.

How to save a current inspection? 

To save the current inspection click/tap on the relevant symbol in the top right corner. You can also select 'Finish Site Inspection' from the menu. Afterwards the App will display a short summary of your inspection and you can 'Save & Synchronize with Server' on the bottom of the page.

As you have seen the Inspect App is very easy and intuitive to use. After having uploaded your inspection you should check out the REVIEW part of your project.


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