How to manage a team on the Sablono platform? 

In Sablono you may organize your partners in different teams and roles. 

The role of a person defines his global access rights that means which parts of the platform he will be able to use. Teams on the other hand can be used to set up restrictions on specific activities. By assigning activities to specific teams during the creation of a template, you may allow changing the status of the activity explicit for that team or the so called 'Full access team' (find more information on this bellow).


Which Roles are available and what do they stand for?

There are five roles available on the Sablono platform. Each role has a different access level.

Project Administrator (PA)

A Project Administrator has access to every feature of the platform within a specific project. He can administrate the project (PLAN), go site inspecting with the Inspect App or Today App (WORK) and review the progression of the project (REVIEW). Project Administrators also exclusively manage the project team.

Project Manager (PM)

A Project Manager has access to every feature of the platform (PLAN, WORK & REVIEW) within a specific project except for the project team administration.

Project Controller (PC)

A Project Controller has access to the mobile Inspect App or Today App (WORK) and all pages within the category REVIEW. Thus he can got site inspecting and review the progression of the project.

Site Inspector (SI)

A Site Inspector has access to the mobile applications Sablono Inspect and Today only. Thus he only can go site inspecting.

Project Reviewer (PR)

A Project Reviewer has read-only access to all pages within the category REVIEW. Thus he can review the progression of the project but not affect it.

Here a sum up of the of all the different access levels for each role.


How to create a team and add members to it?

1. First select the project in which you want to manage your team.

You need to be a Project Admin in the project in order to create and manage teams.

2. Afterwards navigate to 'Teams' using the side navigation.

3. To create a new team please use the button below the last existing one.

4. Afterwards you may choose a name and a color for the team as well as a responsible person and a company in the upcoming dialogue. Keep in mind that only the team name is mandatory.

5. After creating a team you may add members to it using the button in the team overview.

6. Search for a member by email or username . Keep in mind that your future partner needs to have a working Sablono account. Lastly, select a role for the new member.

Note: When you add a user that you have not worked with before, you will only find that user when you add the full email address.

7. Needless to say, you can also edit teams and members after adding them to the project. To do this just click on the edit-pen. This will open a dialogue in which you may also move members from one team to another.

After defining teams, you may now assign the responsibility of certain activities in your process templates to specific teams. After doing so, only persons included into those teams will be able to change the status of these activities.

Please keep in mind that the 'Full access team' is special: This team will be able to access and change every activity in the project, even those which have been assigned to another team. Therefore the 'Full access team' is well suited for people working for the construction management.

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