Project information 

  1. In order to change the settings of your project, you need to be a Project Administrator. So if you are, please hover over the relevant project card on the "All Projects" page and click the settings symbol shown on its top right corner.

2. You can also use the settings icon in the top right corner of the side navigation tab after you select the project.

3. Now you will be forwarded to the project settings page. On the upper section of the page,  you will find possibilities to change information about the project, such as name, code, description, language, and start and completion dates. You may also delete your project here. The project language is used to adjust content suggestions you will get while creating Process Templates.

4. The next window below is Project Calendar. Here you will be able to set up the basic details about your project's calendar style (i.e. working days, period durations, timezone, non-working days). For more information regarding scheduling, please refer to How to schedule Activities automatically.

Project Team 

Learn more about Sablono's possibilities to create and manage your project team here.


Scheduling mode

The next window below is Scheduling Mode. Here you will be able to set up individual or connected scheduling for your project.

Inspect App settings 

At the bottom of this page, you will find three settings that control some functions and layout of the Inspect application. You can find information about these settings below:

1. Limit visible Activities: If activated, this setting will make users of a certain Team (or company) able to see only the Activities that they are responsible for on the Inspect App.

2. Combined status changes: If you choose to activate this option, mobile inspectors can change the state of whole Deliverables or groups of Activities and all corresponding Activities at once, with just one click. To prevent mistakes, this option should only be activated if it is needed by your mobile inspectors.

3. Information layout: This setting of the Inspect App provides the option to identify a Deliverable by either its name or code (shown below). These two items are populated during the setup of your Project structure.

Once you are done with all your changes, click on the button SAVE found on the bottom right of the page.

As you have seen, you may easily configure and adapt your project to your specific needs.

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