Which features can be found in REVIEW? 

Sablono REVIEW is divided into eight sections: Dashboard, Commercial Dashboard, Deliverables, Activities, Gantt Chart, Visual Trackers, Notes, Update Timeline.

The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the current status of your project. You will find an overview of the most pressing Deliverables in your project, which means Deliverables that run behind schedule as well as Deliverables that have open issues. The Update Timeline lists the latest inspections as well as updates uploaded by your site inspectors. The progress bar-charts shows the state of your project on Project Structure level

In Commercial Dashboard you will find the detailed status of your project and its meaning in financial terms

In Deliverables, you will find a detailed overview of the current status of your Deliverables.

In Activities, you will find a detailed overview of the current status of your activities.

The Gantt Chart provides the traditional visualization of your Project Schedule. Compared to the charts and tools you use today, the Sablono Gantt Chart offers much more: the progress of your project, as well as open claims and obstructions documented using the Sablono App, will be integrated into the chart automatically. This will help you to understand the state of your project at a glance.

The Visual Trackers lets you visualize the state of your project in drawings which you uploaded before to the platform.

The Notes section shows a list of all documented claims, obstructions, and information notes - including detailed information and photos.

The Site Update Timeline informs you about all the inspections that have been made on your construction site.


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