Which information does the Project Dashboard provide?

The Dashboard of the project is the initial page of Sablono. Here you can find general counts of your project. 

For example, at the very top of the page, you see an Activity count for your project. It is presented as a progress bar in which Activities that are already done are shown in green.

Right below you see information about critical Deliverables (right to left):

  • Count of Deliverables that are behind schedule (that means not started before the start or ended before due date).
  • Count of Deliverables that have open obstructions.
  • Count of Deliverables that have open issues.
  • Count of Deliverables that have info assigned.

If you click on one of these cards you will be forwarded to a list of those Deliverables. In this list you can dive into more detail reviewing the state of each Activity assigned to the Deliverable or Notes reported, to understand what these numbers really mean for the delivery of your project.

Below these cards, you will find a Progress Curve by Deliverable State. The yellow line in the chart shows how many Deliverables should have reached the state you selected from the dropdown above at each point in time (x-axes). The blue line shows how many actually have reached that state at each point in time. That means you and your team are working before schedule as long as the blue line is above the yellow one. The green line shows how many Deliverables have reached the “confirmed” state at each point in time. Please note, that you have to create a process template and assign it to your Deliverables before the chart will be shown.

On the right-hand side, on the Update Timeline, you can see information on the latest Inspections that took place. On the left side of the entries, you see who made the update and on the right side the date and time of the update. The icons under the date indicate (from left to right) the number of updated Deliverables, the number of Notes created, and the number of issues resolved. You can click on a specific inspection to see details about it.

If you continue scrolling down the page, you will find a planned vs. actual by Deliverable type bar chart. Please select a Process Template from the dropdown list. Afterwards the bar chart will show you how many Deliverables were planned to have reached a certain state by now (yellow bar),  how many actually did (blue bar), how many Deliverables are behind schedule (red bar), and how many have been confirmed (green bar).

Gain a quick, yet accurate understanding of your project by simply navigating through your project's Dashboard in Sablono.

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