How do I use the page Deliverables? 

The page 'Deliverables' lists all the existing deliverables within your Project including its current status. By clicking on one Deliverable you will receive detailed information like photos, issues as well as an overview over all tasks connected to this Deliverable. You may also create/update the state of activities or issues here, filter deliverables and easily print reports through this page. Once in the Deliverable page, you will see the following information:

Next, we see all the main functions of this page.


Reporting Progress

By clicking on a particular Deliverable, a window will appear on the right with all the details as far as activity progress, duration, start/end date, inspector for that Activity, etc.
Just click on the status-icon of the Activity and select the new status. The update will be immediate.

Filter Tool

This feature is highly valuable because it allows being as generic or specific as you want to while you are looking for information about your project. The Filter tool can be found on the top right as shown below:

You can filter the apartments by the following sets of criteria:

  • Search - Filter Deliverables by name, code, or description.
  • Structure - Filter Deliverables by the Project Structure you have set up in the section 'Project Structure'.
  • Type of Deliverable - Filter for Deliverables that have a specific process assigned.
  • Work scheduled - Filter for Deliverables that have work scheduled in a specific time frame.
  • Status - Filter Deliverables by their current progress status.
  • Schedule - Filter for Deliverables that are on or behind schedule.
  • Notes - Filter for Deliverables with documented claims, obstructions, or info.
  • Last Update - Filter Deliverables by their last inspection and set a time frame.
  • Stage - Filter for Deliverables that have reached or not reached a certain stage of their process.

Now that we discussed the method you find the information that is relevant to you, we can briefly explain how to export that information to PDF.

To show an example of how the Filter Tool can be used, let's search for:

  • An apartment
  • With open quality issues
  • Building 1 / Level 02
  • The activity 1st Fix as "Finished"

We can see that, out of the 464 apartments in the projects, there are only three units that match the characteristics described above. Feel free to use this tool, search for any deliverable type, that is being executed on time or behind schedule, that has a particular description, etc...


You can simply press the printer button located on the top right to convert the list of deliverables to PDF.

After clicking on the button, the display will open a window where you can select whether you wish to print just the list of deliverables or the activities along with their process template details. The next step would convert the file to PDF and simply ask you where you want to save the file.

Export Data

You can simply press the EXPORT DATA button located on the top right to export the progress of your project.

The Progress file will be ready for download after selecting the project to export and clicking on the continue button.

Some examples

Now that we covered these topics, it would be a good idea to to run through an example. Let's say, you are interested in finding and prepare a summarized report of the apartments in Building 1 Level 3 that have completed the step SVP Stack Installed. This could represent a 1 hour tip to the job site plus 20-45 minutes (depending on the level of detail), but it can be done in just a couple of minutes by using the platform and following the next steps:

1. Navigate to the Deliverables page.

2. Click on the Filter and on the Structure line, select Building 1 / Level 3 from the drop-down menu.

3. The next step would be to select the relevant activity (in this case SVP Stack Installed) from the Stage of Deliverable line and then mark "finished" as the status. Afterwards, click on FILTER.

4. These steps would lead to the new list of deliverables that meet the criteria determined in the last two steps. You can see the filters applied by items listed next to the "Active filters" on the top of the page. They can also be simply removed by clicking the "X" on each one of those items.

Feel free to export the Progress of your Project from the Sablono platform to your other active software. To see how easy it is done, read our tutorials for Microsoft Project, ASTA Power Project, Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Excel.

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