What is a Process Template and what are they used for?

A process template is a set of activities and groups that can be assigned to deliverables in your project. Process Templates create the basic parameters that define success of your project and the tools needed to keep track of it. They define the recurring processes of multiple deliverables and the best of all is that they can be implemented in a very easy manner. 

A complete process template will have:

  • the full list of activities regarding your relevant deliverable
  • the order in which they happen along their corresponding dependencies
  • a duration (either working days or working hours ). Note: the term working means these activities will be arranged based on your predetermined work schedule in the Project Settings. On the other hand, durations based on simply days or hours, will schedule the activities outside of the working hours.
  • a responsible team for executing them

After execution, Activities will result in a state (e.g. to tile - tiled). A Group consists of multiple Activities and will result in a completed system (e.g. a specific room or building component).

Once the templates are setup, all the coordination of work, documentation and the evaluation of planned vs. actual data will be highly streamlined!


How do Process Templates work?

Creating and assigning process templates to deliverables will be shown in other tutorials. 

After assigning the process templates to deliverables, you will see the all the activities either in the details overlay or while using the Inspect App or Today App. After doing so you can see the structure of the process you defined in the Template Editor (left hand side).

After assigning the Template to a Deliverable, the process defined will be attached to it and displayed every time you clicked on one. In our Example the Status of "Conference Room 2" can now be tracked by your site inspectors.

Furthermore every activity that is part of the template which we saw earlier in the editor is now attached to the deliverable and can be ticked off using the Inspect or Today app. Dependencies between activities can also be displayed if you decide to sort the list by them. Just tap on a deliverable in the list and track the progress of your project with an unprecedented level of  detail!

As long as you didn't assign a Template to a Deliverable, you will will not be able to tick off  the Deliverables. In the Inspect app, you will the symbol highlighted below if you have not assigned the deliverable a template yet. In the Today App, you will most likely not be able to see activities.

Having an accurate Process Template is the key to maximizing all aspects of your project in Sablono!

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