Create a new project

1. Use the huge tile or the button in the bottom right corner to create a new project.

Did you already create your project in Mircosoft Project, ASTA Power Project, Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Excel? Then you can also import your project to Sablono.

2. Decide for a project name, code and description. Also, specify which language will be spoken among your partners and in which timezone the project is taking place.

3. On the next page please choose the "Go to Deliverables" option.

4. Afterwards you will be forwarded to the Deliverables page, which will not show any data because you did not create any Deliverables, yet. To add some please click on the button in the top right area of the page.

Deliverables can be rooms or components, whose progress you want to track using Sablono.

5. In the appearing overlay you can add Deliverables by inserting at least a code (max. 32 keys) and name. You can also add a description, a type (room or component) and a priority.

6. To add more deliverables please use the blue button in the top right corner of the overlay. Afterwards, repeat step 5. After adding all desired deliverables please save using the green button.

Created Deliverables can always be changed afterwards.

7. The created Deliverables are now shown in the table. Now you should assign templates to them. To do that, select the Deliverables, click on the assign-template icon (top right) and select the template you want to assign. 

Create a Project structure 

1. To create a project structure, please navigate to "Project Structure" using the side navigation.

2. Use the '+' button to create new Project Structure nodes. The button will appear after you hover over any structure element.

3. After you created a structure element it will appear in the editor. If you double-click on an element you can also change the name and code of it. You can always delete a created structure element by using the 'X' which also appears if you hover over it.

4. You can also generate the code of all your structure elements automatically. Do so by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.

Add deliverables to a Project structure 

1. To add deliverables to an already created structure please select them from the list and click on "change structure" in the top right area of the Deliverables page.

2. Select the desired structure path to locate your Deliverables in. Approve clicking 'select'.

3. Confirm the next dialogue. Your changes have now been saved and can be revised in the table.

Congratulations! You successfully created a Sablono-project. You also set up your project structure and assigned your Deliverables to the desired structure paths. As a next step, you should create a Template and afterwards assign it to your Deliverables.

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