Create a process template

  1. If you did not select a Project yet, please choose the Project that you want to create a Process Template for.
  2. Use the side navigation to navigate to "Process Templates". 

3. To create a new Template, click on the "Create New Template" button on the top right.

4. In the upcoming window you may choose a category (component, Deliverable, document, other, room, trait) as well as a code and a name for your Process Template. You can also define a Description for your new Template. Afterward, press "Save".

5. Now the Sablono Template Editor will open. Add Groups or Activities to your template by using the appropriate fields. You can reuse existing ones by choosing them from the list or simply add new ones by typing. Groups and Activities will be presented in the Template Structure on the left side of the screen. You can easily restructure your template by Drag and Drop.

After execution, Activities will result in a state (e.g. install insulation - insulation installed). A Group consists of multiple Activities and will result in a complete system (e.g. ceiling, cellar) after execution.

6. Activities consist of: Activity Name, State Name, Description, and Duration. Durations defined will later be used to schedule your workflow based on the Deliverable you will assign the Template to.

7. You should also assign a Responsible Team to each Activity if you want to make sure that only a certain Team is able to report progress on this Activity.

8. Once you have created Groups and Activities in your Process Template, you can define dependencies between activities. To do so first click on the Activity that you want to create dependencies for. In the next screen, you may define a or even multiple predecessors or successors for the activity. For example, the insulation of the ceiling can only be installed, if the substructure has been erected. To define dependencies simply click into the text fields "Depends on" or "Followed by" and chose from the Activities existing in your template. Start typing to search for specific Activities.

Dependencies defined in the editor will also be displayed in the Sablono App: the list of Activities can be sorted by predecessor and successor.

9. When you are satisfied with your Process Template, save it by clicking "Publish Now" in the top right corner of your screen.

Congratulations! You have created your first Process Template. It will now be added to your project-specific pool of Templates. In the next step, you should assign your Template to the Deliverables of your project. Afterward, you can tick off the Activities defined for each deliverable using the Sablono App.

By the way: You can edit your Template at any time. Simply go to the list of Templates in the Process Template section and select the Template you want to change. Be aware that after you have changed the Template, you have to reassign it to the Deliverables.

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