Microsoft Project

1. First you need to export your project from Microsoft Project to a XML-file. To do so please select "File" in the top left corner and "Save as" afterward.

2. In the following dialogue save the project as XML-file with a name of your choosing.

3. Now hover over the '+'-Button on the 'All Projects'-page on Sablono and select 'Import Project'.

4. Decide on a project name, code, and description. Also, specify which language will be spoken among your partners and in which time zone the project is taking place.

5. Select "Microsoft Project". 

6. Select the File to import.

7. Review the project structure as well as the deliverables in the preview. If your data was imported correctly please feel free to upload them to the Sablono server. To do so click the button in the top right corner.

8. The final summary states how many deliverables have been imported and uploaded.

Congratulations! You just successfully imported a Microsoft Project schedule to Sablono. As a next step, you should create some templates and assign them to your deliverables.

If you want to use Microsoft Project and Sablono in parallel, you can easily import your updated schedule again to keep your Sablono project up to date. To do so use the "Update"-feature on Import/Export Tools.

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