Import your project

Sablono offers many options to import your existing project to the platform. In generally this is done easily und within just a few steps. 

Currently we support the following tools:

For more information on both the export from your current tool and the import to Sablono check our step-by-step tutorials which are available above.


Update your Sablono project

If you want to use your tool for project scheduling and Sablono in parallel, you can easily import your updated schedule again to keep your Sablono project up to date.

The following tools are currently supported:

  • Microsoft Project
  • ASTA Power Project
  • Oracle Primavera
  • Microsoft Excel

Your Sablono project will be updated according to the following principles:

  • New tasks will be created.
  • Changes related to existing tasks will be adopted (e.g. renaming or changes related to time frames).
  • Tasks can also be deleted from the Sablono platform, if they were deleted in your scheduling tool (only after checking with you).
  • Your Project Structure will be updated according to your summary tasks.
  • Project Progress documented with Sablono as well as Templates assigned will never be deleted!
  • If you deleted deliverables from the Sablono platform they will only be imported again after confirming with you.
  • Dependencies between deliverables will be updated to the version contained in your file.


Export the progress of your project

You can also export the Project Progress documented with Sablono from the platform to use it in other tools. Your data is yours!

Currently you can export your data for the following tools:

Continue to Step 5. How is your project structured by Sablono?

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