Export Project Progress from Sablono

1. To export Project Progress from Sablono please use the Deliverables page (button on the top left) or the entry in the navigation menu (Import/Export Tools).

2. Afterwards click "Export" and select the schedule for which you want to export progress.

3. Sablono will create a CSV-file which you can download afterwards.

4. If you are exporting progress for ASTA Power Project for the first time, please download the macro provided.

5. Now all you need to do is import the CSV-file into ASTA Power Project using the macro.

Import Project Progress to ASTA Power Project 

  1. Please use the macro to import your Project Progress. To do so open the Visual Basic Editor in "Macros" under "View".

2. Afterwards right click on "VBAProject (Project name)" and select "Import File...".

3. Now choose the previously downloaded macro from your local drive. Afterwards you may close the Visual Basic Editor again.

ASTA Power Project requires you to load macros only once per project. Because of this you need to do the steps described above only once per ASTA-project.

4. Now navigate to "View" again and select "Macros" under "Macros".

5. ASTA Power Project will present a list of macros which were already loaded for your project. Please select "modAstaSablonoImporter.UpdateProgress" and click "Run" afterwards.

If the Macro is not displayed in the list, please make sure that the right project is selected in the field below the list.

6. During the following dialogue please select the CSV-file, which you exported from Sablono before.

7. Afterwards the macro will write your Project Progress automatically into the column "Overall Percent Complete". If the column is not yet visible, easily add it to the columns presented by ASTA Power Project. Furthermore, your Gantt chart will be updated.

Hint: If you defined dependencies between the task using ASTA Power Project which you did not contemplate while tracking the progress of your project using the Sablono App, or if you configured the progress column in a way, that it will accept only specific values, it might happen, that the progress values presented by ASTA Power Project do not match the ones Sablono presents exactly.

As we have seen, you can easily export the progress of your project from Sablono and use it in ASTA Power Project.

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