Export Project Progress from Sablono

1. To export Project Progress from Sablono please use the Deliverables page (button on the top left) or the entry in the navigation menu (Import/Export Tools).

2. Afterwards click "Export Data" and select the schedule for which you want to export progress.

3. Sablono will create a CSV-file which you can download afterwards.

4. Now all you need to do is import the CSV-file into Microsoft Project.


Import Project Progress to Microsoft Project

  1. Please configure Microsoft Project in a way that it accepts CSV files. To do so open Options under "File".

2. Click "Trust Center Settings" in "Trust Center"...

3. ... and select "Allow loading files with legacy or non-default file formats." under "Legacy Formats".

This needs to be done just once since Microsoft Project saves the configuration afterwards.

4. Now open your project in Microsoft Project. Afterwards, import the CSV-file that you exported from the Sablono platform. To do so click "Open" in "File".

5. During the Import Wizard select "New map"...

6. ... and afterward "Merge the data into the active project".

7. Now choose "Tab" as Text delimiter.

8. The mapping will be done automatically and should look like this:

9. You may finish the Import Wizard afterwards.

10. The Progress will be written into the column "% Complete". If the column is not shown yet, easily add it to the columns presented by Microsoft Project. Furthermore, the Gantt chart will be updated.

Hint: If you defined dependencies between the task using Microsoft Project which you did not contemplate while tracking the progress of your project using the Sablono App, or if you configured the progress column in a way, that it will accept only specific values, it might happen, that the progress values presented by Microsoft Project do not match the ones Sablono presents exactly.

As we have seen, you can easily export the progress of your project from Sablono and use it in Microsoft Project.

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