Export Project Progress from Sablono

  1. First of all, please save your schedule using Oracle Primavera as Primavera-XML-file.
  2. To export Project Progress from Sablono please use the Project Progress page (button on the top left) or the entry in the navigation menu (Import/Export Tools).

3. Afterwards click "Export" and select the schedule for which you want to export progress.

4. Now select the file you exported from Oracle Primavera and upload it to Sablono.

5. Sablono will add your Project Progress to the file afterwards.

6. After the progress was finished successfully, the extended file is ready to be downloaded again.

7. Now all you need to do is import the file back into Oracle Primavera.

Import Project Progress to Oracle Primavera 

  1. Please use "Import..." in "File"-Menu...
  2. ...and select the "Primavera P6 - (XML)" import format.
  3. Afterwards, select the file updated by Sablono from your local drive. Make sure that "Import all project-level layouts" is selected.
  4. To merge the Project Progress documented by Sablono to your existing project please use the "Update Existing Project" Import Action.

5. Now select the project which you want to update with a double click.

6. Afterwards use the "Default Import Template" and click "Next".

7. After you clicked "Finish" Oracle Primavera will import the Progress to your project.

8. The Progress will be written into the column "Duration % Complete". If the column is not shown yet, easily add it to the columns presented by Primavera. Furthermore, the red progress line should have been updated.

Hint: If you defined dependencies between the task using Oracle Primavera which you did not contemplate while tracking the progress of your project using the Sablono App, or if you configured the progress column in a way, that it will accept only specific values, it might happen, that the progress values presented by Oracle Primavera do not match the ones Sablono presents exactly.

As we have seen, you can easily export the progress of your project from Sablono and use it in Oracle Primavera.

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