Export progress from Sablono

1. To export Project Progress from Sablono, please navigate to the Deliverables page.

2. Press the Export data button on the top right as shown below.

3. Afterwards click 'Export Project Data (CSV)' and then hit Continue.

4. Sablono will create a CSV-file which can then be imported to Microsoft Excel. Please refer to the section below for a proper importing process.

Import Project Progress to Microsoft Excel

1. After you opened a new Excel spreadsheet, please select the Data tab and then click on the "From Text/CSV" button.

2. Select the file downloaded from Sablono and select UTF-8 for the File Origin field.

3. Information should now be arranged correctly. Press 'Load' on the bottom right of this window to continue.

4. You will now have a Table set up in Excel with all your progress extracted from Sablono. Here the complete list of info that you will find in the Excel Table:

  • Deliverable Code
  • Deliverable Name
  • Deliverable Description
  • Project Structure
  • Process
  • User-defined start (Deliverable)
  • User-defined end (Deliverable)
  • Earliest start (Deliverable)
  • Earliest end (Deliverable)
  • Latest start (Deliverable)
  • Latest end (Deliverable)
  • Deliverable schedule
  • Deliverable progresses

As we have seen, you can easily export the progress of your project from Sablono to process it in Microsoft Excel.

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