We always try to deliver the most robust software. Still it may happen that you are having troubles using our Inspect app. Before contacting our customer support you may try to resolve these issues by following this simple steps:

  1. Make sure that you are using the newest version of the app. To check this please open the App-/Playstore and search for 'Sablono Inspect'. If an update is available please download and install it. Afterwards try using the app again.
  2. Sometimes it might help to shut down the application and start it again. To do this please open the menu showing all running apps (iOS: 2x home button, Android: button left of the home button) and close Sablono Inspect by swiping.
  3. If you are experiencing connection problems please try to re-connect your device to the network you are using. To do this please activate the flight mode of your device for a few seconds. Afterwards deactivate it again and try to use Inspect.
  4. Click on the 3 dots (top right) in the Inspect App, click on App Info and then click on the next button. This would already send us important information that could be happening.

5. If none of this solved your issue, please gather the following information of your mobile device and contact us at support@sablono.com. We will gladly help you!

  • Is Wi-Fi used while downloading a project?
  • Device type
  • BrandModel
  • Operating software
  • RAM size
  • ROM size
  • Available memory size in the device


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