Sablono is able to schedule even the most detailed Activities which are necessary to deliver a task automatically. The result can afterwards be reviewed in the details-overlays which can be opened from the Deliverables page, the Gantt Chart or the Visual Trackes.

In order to do this you just have to take care of the following steps:

1. After creating your project you should check if the working calendar fits to your planned working hours of this project. In order to do so please open the settings page using the side navigation menu (icon in the top right corner of the menu).

2. Afterwards please create a process template including a duration and dependencies for each Activity ...

3. ... and assign it to the relevant Deliverables. The schedule calculation will only work if your Deliverables have at least a start or due date defined. Deliverable start and due dates can be imported or defined in the details overlay accessible e.g. from the deliverables progress page.

4. Scheduling of the Activities will be done automatically during the assigning process. Sablono will use the start date of your deliverables to calculate a start for each Activity contained in the template based on the duration and dependencies you set up. If no start date is defined Sablono will use the due date and calculate the Activity schedule backwards from there.

5. If you choose to change your project calendar, the process template or the start or due date of a deliverable afterwards, the calculation will be triggered and done again automatically. You will always see the up-to-date version of your schedule!

As we have seen, it only takes a couple of steps to enable Sablono to create a schedule in an unprecedented level of detail automatically.

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