Nowadays Sablono offers two different ways to upload progress data to your project.

  1. The Sablono application. Our app can be used on mobile while being on-site and even without a working internet connection! Collect progress data while being in the field and upload it after you return to your offices. The app shows those Activities which are scheduled to be executed by your team within the next 7 days and the ones that are behind schedule.
  2. Directly on the platform. Using the Details Overlay of any Deliverable will allow you to change the progress of specific Activities while working with the platform. You may also create new Notes or mark the existing one as done in the Notes tab of the Overlay. To update multiple Deliverables at once, please follow the steps described in this tutorial.

If you would like to assign a colleague the task of updating a certain Deliverable, this can be streamlined through the Automatic Request for Update.

Please make sure that your partners are only allowed to update completed works on Activities for which they and their team are responsible.

As you can see, it is very straight forward and easy to update Sablono with the newest progress information collected on-site.

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