Depending on your workflow you might want to upload a batch of status updates onto the Sablono platform at once. Even though we strongly recommend updating the system as regularly as possible to make sure that the latest changes have been reported and make the most out of Sablonos benefits, it might be that you accumulate your updates and upload them at a certain time. If you want to do that, here is how it works:

1. Select all deliverables from the list of the Deliverables page that you want to update.

2. Click on the "Update Deliverables"-button. 

Note: The button will only be activated if you selected deliverables using the same process template.

3. Select all activities in the upcoming dialogue which you want to update.

4. Afterwards select the status that you want to change these activities to and save your changes.

5. After saving, your changes will instantly update all selected deliverables.

Please note that this feature will overwrite all previously uploaded status updates for all selected deliverables and activities.

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