How do I use the page Activities?

The 'Activities' page shows all deliverables and their activities based on the process assigned to them. You can review the state of all activities required to finish your deliverables - at a glance - without having to click to open the Deliverables details view. You are also able to update the progress or report a note for each activity shown with just a few clicks, or if you would like to focus on the progress of a particular deliverable, you could access the details view through the green icon just to the right of each Deliverable.

Here is how to open the details view of a Deliverable:

What are the different settings on this page? 

Depending on the specific way you would like to understand your project's status, the Activities page offers the three following settings: Show status, Show teams, and Hide finished activities.

  • Show status: This option allows to easily differentiate between the tasks that have been completed and not done at the moment. The two images from the section above are under this setting.
  • Show teams: This option allows to easily differentiate between which trades are responsible to execute each task based on the predetermined sequence. The image below shows an example of what this setting would look like.
  • Hide finished activities: This toggle bar simply removes all tasks that have been completed at the moment, leaving a clean representation of every task remaining.
  • Show only my area: show only the activities related to my role in the project.

Below is an image of where you could find the different settings:

How do I filter in the Activities page?

This feature is highly valuable because it allows being as generic or specific as you want to while you are looking for information about your project. The Filter tool can be found on the top right as shown below:

You can filter the apartments by the following sets of criteria:

  • Search – Filter Deliverables by name, code or description.
  • Structure – Filter Deliverables by the Project Structure you have set up in the section ‘Project Structure’.
  • Type of Deliverable – Filter for deliverables which have a specific process assigned.

For example, if you would like to search for "apartments" within "Building 1 / Level 02", you would use the filter in the following way:

Lastly, the page can be used to create detailed dependencies between activities of different Deliverables. Read more about that here.

We think the Activities page provides a very handy overview of the current state of the project. It can also be used in daily or weekly site progress meetings, to review the current state, assign tasks, and update if needed.

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