If the work assigned to a deliverable has been changed for unexpected reasons, you can customize the activities of a group of deliverables at once. Just follow the next steps below:

1. Select all deliverables from the list of the Deliverables page that you want to customize.

2. Click on the "Configure Activities"-button. 

Note: The button will only be activated if you selected deliverables using the same process template.

3. Click the "Hide activities from process" button.

4. Select the activity (or activities) you would like to hide. 

6. Once you are done selecting the relevant activities, press the "Hide Activities" button.

Remaining activities from selected deliverables will shift to an earlier or later date depending on how  the deliverable was scheduled:

  • If deliverable was set by the start date, then the successor activities will shift earlier in the schedule.
  • If deliverable was set by the due date, then the predecessor activities will shift later in the schedule.

Please note, that hiding activities from deliverables for which progress has already been reported might lead to hiding progress information. 

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