Use this feature if you want to request an update on specific deliverables from one of your partners. Quickly done and sent via email. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the Deliverables page.

2. Select those deliverables from the list which you want to request an update for.

3. Afterwards hit the new "Request for update"-button and fill in the email address of the partner you want to request an update from. Make sure that you have added him to your project first.

4. Sablono now sends an automatic email to your chosen partner. This will include a link to an easy to understand page which will allow your partner to change the state on the deliverables you selected for him.

5. Naturally, the access restrictions set up on Sablono will also apply here: Your partner will only be able to report progress on activities related to him or his team.

6. After he uploaded his changes you will receive an automatic email which will remind you to check the update.

Please make sure that your partners are only allowed to update works complete on activities which they and their team are responsible for.

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