Move Activities into Groups

1. To edit a process template, please click on the side navigation tab and select Process Template.

2. Click on the template that contains the Activity in which you want to move.

3. Now you should see all the process with all its Activities and Groups. Click on the Activity to want to move. For this example, I will select Activity #8.

4. Next step, select the name of the Activity on the top section of the display. A window will open, and you need to select the option Move to another Group.

5. Another window will open where you need to select the Group to which the Activity will be moved.

6. Afterwards, you should see the Activity inside the new Group. Notice it has a star (*) next to it, this is because the changes need to save. To save the changes, press the button (shown below) in the top right corner of the screen. Depending on how you adjusted the template, you may have to re-adjust dependencies to match the latest modifications.

Having Groups can help manage Activities that are highly connected with each other!

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