Creating a Visual Trackers with just a few steps 

Please follow the next steps to have your own live digital representation of your project's progress:

  1. Click on the Navigation tab on the top left.
  2. Select the Visual Trackers button

3. Once you are in the page, select the "Create Visualization" button as seen on the right image located below.                          

4. First step of this process is to select which deliverable type you would like to create the visualization for. The deliverable types are defined by which process template is assigned to them.

5. After selecting the type of deliverable, the second step would be to select the relevant structures you would want to display. Please be aware these available structure options are based on how your project was setup in the Project Structure page. To edit the structure, please refer to the "How to create a project" tutorial.

6. You will see the deliverables of your project arranging themselves during this process.

7. The third step is now to write how the headers of this visualization would be titled. The fields to write in will be found on the left of the page and already of a preview can be seen on the right side. Then, click Next.

8. You are now in the "Define labels" stage and there is only one more step after. In this page, you need to choose how your deliverables will be labeled. The first action required is to decide whether the label will be based on the name, code or description of the deliverable. In the following example, we decided to go with the name. Afterwards, you select the the first and last characters from the attribute selected by entering the numbers. Click Next when you are done.

9. Lastly, you will finish creating this visual by assigning it a name. Click on Finish.

You are now able to observe an up-to-date visual representation of your project at any time!

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