Deleting activities through the Deliverables page

Deleting activities through the Deliverables page can be compared to making them invisible or hiding them. After their deletion, you will no longer be able to see the selected activities or progress already reported to them. You will also notice that in most cases the workflow presented in the deliverables details view will skip the process-number of the deleted activity. You can always reactivate deleted activities by re-assigning the process template. That will lead to all deleted activities being shown again - including the progress which was potentially already reported for them.

To delete activities:

1. select the deliverables that include the activities you want to delete and click on "Configure Activities" button on the top bar.

2. Once the pop-up window appear, click on "Hide activities from process"

3. Select the activities you want to delete

4. Click on Hide activities

If you had activated email notifications, please keep in mind that users from the responsible team from the deleted activity and its successor activity, will not receive an email notification once the previous activity is finished.

Please note, that progress reported for one activity can never be transferred to another activity. If you choose to delete activities their progress will be hidden but not lost. You can bring it back by re-assigning your process template.


Editing activities through the Process Template Editor

While activities which were deleted through the Deliverables page can be reactivated by re-assigning the template, activities which were deleted through the process template, on the other hand, will be deleted permanently from your project INCLUDING data which was already reported for them. Therefore, it is highly recommended that activities are only ever deleted from the template before progress has been reported or if you are 100% sure that they do not have a use at all any more.  After deleting activities from your Process Template and re-assigning it, you will no longer see them and their progress in the deliverables they were a part of. Creating a new activity afterwards which has the same name as a previously deleted one, will also not transfer the information from the old to the new.

Now, what can be done without loosing existing progress reported? You can always change the name or any other property of your activities. Setting up new dependencies will also not affect the progress already reported. Also, creating new activities and connecting them to your workflow will not affect your existing ones.

Working on the process after progress reports have already been uploaded, especially deleting activities from the work sequence is a delicate operation. If you have doubts, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly help you updating your workflows.

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