The Limited Visibility Mode limits the visibility of notes a team can see on the platform. A user will only be able to see notes that are involved with his assigned team in Sablono. In this case, we determined someone being involved with a note if:

  • The note has been created by your team.
  • Your team is responsible for the note.
  • The note has been reported for an activity that your team is responsible for.
  • As long as you are part of the Full-access-team, you will be able to see all notes ever reported.

If this feature is activated, quantity values of quality issues, information notes and obstruction issues will be based on the notes your team is involved with. To determine the team a user is assigned to, please refer to Team Management.

If you are interested in limiting the visibility of the notes in your project according to those rules, feel free to contact us. We will set it up for your project as soon as possible.

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