Most of the time, your projects will be executed with a relatively similar sequence of work. Do not fear having to insert the same information multiple times, because you are able to import process templates from other existing projects. Information such as activities, dependencies, durations and annotations will be transferred. The only condition to have the ability to import templates is that you are a Project Administrator for both projects.

In order to import a template, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Sablono and enter the project you are trying to import the template to.

2. Navigate to the Process Template page and select the 'Copy Existing Template' button located on the top right.

3. Now, select the template you would like to import from another project you are part of. Then, continue by clicking 'Copy Template'.

4. After a few seconds, you will find the new process template on your list.

5. Finish by adding the teams to the activities and assigning the new template to the project Deliverables.

Importing Process Templates from existing projects make the setup process even easier! You can create your second project in a short amount of time.

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