Sablono does not allow for predefined gaps within your Process Template, because we strongly believe that those should be modeled in more detail by e.g. setting up additional Activities and Dependencies to make their root causes visible to anyone in the project. That being said, delays in a running project can not always be avoided. That is why the platform does offer multiple options to set up delays/gaps within the sequence of specific deliverables. Those delays/gaps are also known as "Slag" between two Activities.

Please note, that you can only create delays/gaps while running your project in manual scheduling mode. In the automatic scheduling mode, you will be able to change dates for specific Activities, but the remaining relevant Activities will not be affected by your changes.


Delay/Gap for a bulk of deliverables

For example,  if your Activity #5 can (for whatever reason) only start four days after Activity #4 was finished, you can set this up following these steps:

1. Open the Deliverables list through the side navigation menu.

2. Select all deliverables from the list of the Deliverables page that you want to customize.

3. Click on the "Configure Activities" button. Note: You need to select deliverables using the same process template in order for this feature to work.

4. Now select either the "Specify start dates on Activities" or the "Specify due dates on Activities" option.

5. Afterwards select the Activity of the sequence that you want to move to a specific Start or Due date.

6. Specify which date the Activity should be moved to. 

7. Confirm the dialogue to change the start or due date of the Activity and thereby introducing a delay/gap into the sequence of your previously selected Deliverables.


Delay/Gap on the Week Plan for a single deliverable

While operating in manual scheduling mode, Activities moved on the Week Plan will also affect their successors according to the dependencies and durations set up in your Process Template. Moving Activity #4 to start 2 days later as planned will therefore also affect the planned Start and Due dates of Activities #5, #6, and so forth.


Deleting Delays/Gaps from your project

There are two ways to delete delays/gaps from your project:

1. You will be able to delete specific custom dates from the Deliverables Details View by clicking on the blue "Delete user-defined dates" writing.

2. You can also choose to delete all delays/gaps ever set up for your project at once using the Project Settings page. If your project includes custom Activity dates, you can delete them by clicking the indicator shown below.

Delays and Gaps are pretty common in most projects. Still, Sablono would encourage you to model those gaps by creating additional Activities and dependencies between different deliverables and run your project in automatic scheduling mode and. That will make your project more transparent and more successful.

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