The Sablono App was developed to facilitate the collection of progress data while using a mobile device on the construction site. Although it is similar to the Sablono Inspect app, the Sablono App offers a whole new view onto the topic and will make your life much easier if it used correctly. While the Inspect always presents the full project including each Deliverable and every activity related to your team, Sablono App only shows:

  • Next 7 days – Shows all activities that my team is responsible for within the next 7 days
  • Late – Shows all activities that my team is responsible for which are running late

You will only see activities assigned to your team, these are grouped by Deliverables and sorted by Due Date. The expected duration for each activity is also shown in this view.

How do I find a Deliverable on the Sablono App?

The easiest way is to scan the QR-code associated with the Deliverable you are looking for.

However, another quick way to search for one or more Deliverables is by using the search tab (top left) on the Sablono app. You can easily find Deliverables by typing their name, code, or description. The search tab is also connected to the structure-level of your project. This means that you can filter your search to find only the Deliverables related to the project level that you are working on.

Once you select one of them, the list of Activities will be shown. 

Note: when you select a Deliverable, you will see the same view as when scanning the QR-code. So, if the QR-code on-site is missing, you can use the search tab on the app and get the same result.

How do I report progress on the Sablono App?

1. To report progress, simply enter the Sablono App and select the project you are currently working on. Here you will see the list of activities scheduled to be executed in the next 7 days.

2. Next, tap on the relevant activity, and on the next page select whether the status of this work is: "Not started", "Work Started", "Finished", or "Work could not be started".

3. Once you press the buttons "Work started", "Finished" or "Work could not be started", the icon on the top left would update to match your selection.
Note: Before changing the state of the activity, the app will warn you if there are predecessors that have not been finished yet. 

4. This will take you back to the Activity Details page. To keep reporting progress on other Deliverables, simply press the "Back" button on the top left of the screen.

5. Done! The Sablono App automatically updates all the reported information.

To make sure that the activities presented in the Sablono App are the correct ones, all you and your partners need to do is keep your weekly work plans up to date with the actual progress on site. The easiest way to do that would be updating the Week Plan during your weekly progress meetings.

By reporting a task as "Work Started" and later as "Finished", Sablono would calculate the real activity duration and the highly valuable KPIs!

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