How do I add a note in the Sablono App?

  1. To add a note on an activity, simply enter the Sablono App and select the project you are currently working on. Here you will see the list of activities scheduled to be executed in the next 7 days.

2. On the next page, scroll down and you will see the options of "Work could not be started"and underneath you will find the option to "Report a note", which will be used to explain this process.

3. Once you tab on the button to report a note, the application will ask you to select whether this item is a quality issue, an obstruction issue or simply an information note.

4. After selecting the note type, you will be asked to describe the issue. Continue by pressing "Next" on the bottom right.

5. Next step is to select the responsible team to resolve this issue.

6. Proceed by taking a picture of the issue or selecting previously taken pictures through the "Open gallery" option.

7. Lastly, hit "Save" and the following notification will be shown assuming the information was uploaded successfully.

By adding notes through the Sablono App you are making it easier and faster for your team to find any relevant information about your project!

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