Sablono can send out emails on a weekly, daily,  real-time or even on a manual basis depending on the type information you would like the members of your project to be informed about. Below is a table with a list of information that can be added and the frequency they can triggered with.

To activate the emails above, please contact us directly.

Who will receive the notification emails?

 The activated emails are only sent out to the relevant users depending depending on the process template configuration. If certain deliverables of your project have a "Responsible Manager" assigned, the email notifications will be sent out per the following rule:

  • If a Responsible Manager is assigned, the email is only sent out to that particular user.
  • If a Responsible Manager is not assigned, the email is sent out to everyone in that team.

Please continue reading to understand how and when each email is generated.

Activities ready for your team

The content of the email contains the list of deliverables where a particular team is now available to work once the preceding task has been finished and it is sorted by activities.

Clicking on the hyperlinks contained in this email will lead you directly to a page where you could review or update activities belonging to the deliverables listed in the email. Just remember to save the progress by clicking on the green button once you are done.

Please be aware that users will not be able to update activities with assigned Sablono QA Checklists.


Areas which were already started by your successor

 This e-mail notification, which has the subject of "Dont't forget to update", is sent out to team members whose succeeding activities have been reported as "Finished", even though their activity is still not completed.  In other words, if the third activity is done before the second activity, the responsible team for performing the second activity will receive this email as a reminder.

Again, clicking on the hyperlinks contained in this email will lead you to a page where you could review or update activities of the deliverables listed on the email.


Activities ready for confirmation by your team

 If you are also implementing the Sablono QA Checklists, users of the Confirming Teams will receive this email once an activity was marked as "Finished".

The Manual Request for a user to update specific deliverables is explained in more detail the tutorial about the request for update. The rest of the emails listed on the table at the beginning of the page have the same format as the examples shown, except that their information is gathered based on the type of email selected.

Forget about having to write emails notifying others about updates by simply activating some of our automated notifications!


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