What are the QA Checklists?

The QA Checklists in Sablono are the digital equivalent of the traditional quality control forms filled out on the job site. These checklists would contain the list of items to be reviewed during your Quality Assurance process and will follow your established approval workflow, including email updates sent out to the relevant parties.

Additionally, you will be able to study the automated quality reports without having to worry about all the normal administrative process!

How do I create a QA Checklist?

A QA Checklist can be created in only a couple of minutes by Project Administrators and Managers. If you are one, please follow the steps:

1. Open the Menu by clicking on the tab located on the top left and then select QA Checklists placed in the PLAN section in yellow.

2. This will take you to the QA Checklist page, where you will see any checklists previously set up, who created them, and when.  You will also have the ability to create a new one by clicking on the "Create New QA Checklist" button on the top right of the page. A window will open and will request the name of this new checklist. Then, press OK.

3. You will now be in the Checklist Editor, where you can create the specific sets of inspections or modify them. As you can see on the image below, you will need to just type the content of the desired inspection and then click on "Add Item". If you need to edit these items, simply click on the relevant lines, amend the text and the changes will be saved automatically.

4. If your process has certain inspection items that are mandatory, meaning they HAVE to be inspected in order to submit the QA checklist, you could set this up by switching on the toggle bar of 'Mandatory for Confirming Team'. This feature will also highlight the item in red when seen through the Sablono App.

5. This process completes the creation of QA Checklists. These are saved automatically and can be modified at any time, including changing the order of the checklist items.  However, keep in mind that any changes will only affect future checklists. In other words, a checklist that has already been filled out, will not be affected by any changes made afterward. Now, we still need to link the QA Checklists with Activities of your project. Please refer to the section to attach checklists.

How do I attach QA Checklists and assign a Confirming Team?

Having created QA Checklists does not mean they will already show up in your project's workflow. To accomplish this, they need to be linked to the relevant Activity through the Template editor and a Confirming Team, the group of users who will be responsible for approving the submitted information. Keep reading below to learn about these steps.

1. Navigate to the Process Templates page and select the template you would like to insert the QA Checklists to.

2. Open the template and select the activity you would like to attach the checklist to. In this view, you will find the QA Checklist field (red rectangle) with the default option of "No QA Checklist attached" selected. Press on that and select one of the QA Checklists available.

3. Next, select the responsible Confirming Team by clicking on the Confirming Team option on the right section of the page.

4. Once you are done attaching all the checklists and selecting the teams, apply the changes by pressing on the double arrows on the top right of the page.

Start streamlining your Quality Assurance process and avoiding lots of paperwork by setting up QA checklists in Sablono!

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