If you are required to fill out a QA checklist, that means a specific checklist was created and assigned to the Activity you are reporting progress for. To complete a checklist, please follow the next steps:

1. Open the Sablono App and login with your credentials.

2. Select the project for which you are trying to report information to.

3. Once you enter the project, you will see the list of Activities scheduled to be executed in the next 7 days. If the Activity is behind schedule, you will find it on the LATE tab.

4. Next, you would tap on the relevant Activity and this will take you to the Activity Details page, where you can mark an Activity as "Not started", "Work Started", "Finished", "Confirmed" or "Work could not be started". In this case, we selected an Activity that has currently no progress reported.

5. Here you can see that each item has the options of Yes, No and Not Checked. The outcome of selecting each of them is as follows:

  • Yes: Adding a note is optional
  • No: Adding a note is mandatory, therefore the app will take to the page to add a note immediately.
  • Not Checked: It can be used only by the Confirmation Team and not by the Responsible Team.

6. In this case, the option of "Finished" was selected and the corresponding QA Checklist would be brought up.

7. Items that you see highlighted in red represent inspections that are required to be filled out 100% of the times by the team responsible for executing the task before submitting.

8. Depending on the status of your Deliverable (see below), you will or will not be able to upload your ongoing checklist. For example, if you mark an Activity as:

  • Work started - You are able to upload at any time.
  • Finished - Every item needs to have either a Yes\No as an answer. Having an item marked as "Not checked" will not allow you to upload the information.
  • Confirmed - Done by the Confirming Team and requires a Yes\No for all items that are mandatory, which are highlighted in red.

9. Press the Submit button, and to enhance the security of this process, you will be requested to add your password one more time.

Note: the password request has a similar purpose of a signature request.

10. After doing so and clicking on Submit, you should see the following page.

Note: If a QA checklist is attached to an Activity, it won't be possible for anyone to change the status of their Activities backwards. In this way, it won't be possible to change the QA checklist results.

Using QA Checklists in Sablono will drastically increase the level of transparency across your project team and save the time you need to make the important decisions for a successful project!

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