If you are required to confirm a QA checklist, please follow the next steps:

1. Open the Sablono App and login with your credentials.

2. Select the project for which you are trying to report information to.

3. Once you enter the project, you will see the list of activities scheduled to be executed in the next 7 days. If the activity is behind schedule, you will find it on the LATE tab.

4. Next, you would tap on the relevant activity and this will take you to the Activity Details page, where you can click on the "Confirmed" button to mark the activity as confirmed. Keep in mind these can only be done by the Confirming team and once the responsible team has submitted the corresponding QA checklist upon completion.

5. After pushing the button to confirm the activity, you will be taken to the checklist you will have the option to answer Yes, No or Not Checked. In addition, you will be able to see what the previous team has answered for each item. The actions needed depending on your answer and follow a similar process performed by the team responsible for filling out the checklist. Please see below what the result of each selection:

  • Yes: Adding a note is optional
  • No: Adding a note is mandatory, therefore the app will take to the page to add a note immediately.
  • Not Checked: No action needed. Being able to use this option is set in the Checklist Editor.

6. Next, press the submit button and you will be requested to add your password for security purposes.

Note: the password request has a similar purpose of a signature request. 

7. After doing so and clicking on Submit, you should see the following page.

Having a Confirming Team closes the circle of the fully transparent and well documented process of Quality Assurance in Sablono!

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