The additional function Site Responsible Manager allows the assignment of reviewers for sub-parts of the project or for the complete project. Thus, it is possible to assign a manager 1 responsible for the building 1 and assign a different manager 2 responsible for the building 2.

Configuration procedure:

  • On the project elements page, the first step is to filter the project elements to be assigned to a site supervisor.
  • The project elements are marked.
  • In the header, the button Responsible Manager is pressed.
  • The following window shows the e-mail address of the new responsible manager.

The responsible manager of the respective team is now solely responsible and able to change the status of activities. For the other members of the same team these activities will be hidden in the Today App, therefore they won’t be able anymore to change the status of these activities in the web app. However, the team members can still switch in the web app in the filter, whether they see the activities that are assigned to the responsible manager or not.

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