What is a Daily Log and which information can I put in it?

A Daily Log is the page in which you can notify what happened in the worksite day by day, in a very detailed way.

You create Daily Log entries for the currently running day already in the morning or even days that are still to come in the future. After initially creating it you will be able to fill-out most of the information while the Progress information coming from the Sablono database can be refreshed as often as needed.

Daily Log allows you to enter the following information for each day:

  • Add start and end business hours of the working day.
  • Add a building owner.
  • Add min and max temperature as well as weather conditions.
  • Add number of persons who were on site.
  • State which machines have been used.
  • State special events happening that day

Daily Log entries can be edited and saved multiple times, only by clicking on the button "Finalize Entry" (top right) the information will be permanently saved, meaning that you will not be able to edit or refresh the presented information any longer.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the Daily Log page.

How do Daily Logs look like?

The Daily Logs include the following sections.


Date Picker

The Date Picker appears at the top of the page and when you open the Daily Log page it will take you to yesterday’s entry, however you can select any past day from the Date Picker to see progress documented on it.


General Card

Right under the calendar you will find information about the start and end hours of the working day, min and max temperature as well as weather conditions and the responsible department.

Teams Card

Next, you will be able to see a list of all teams, including a number of workers that have been on site, with the possibility of specifying how many people of a certain role per team were on site.

Available roles are: Managers, Foremen, Workers and Others.


Progress Card

Below you will find an overview of all the deliverables that have been worked on.

For each deliverable, you can see a list of:

  • All activities that were started or finished on that day.
  • All activities that were in progress on that day, meaning started on a previous day, but still not finished yet.
  • Issues reported and closed on that today.
  • The user who reported the displayed information (blue arrow).

Here you can easily visualize and differentiate between activities that were started on the day you are looking at and activities that were started another day in the past but are still in progress on the day that you are looking at.

Furthermore, you will be able to open the Details Overlay for each Deliverable displayed by clicking on the icon on the right on the deliverable lane (red arrow).


Machines Card

Below you will be able to document which and how many machines have been used on that day.


Special Events Cards

Finally, at the bottom of the page, you will be able to record/see any special events that happened on that day.

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